Aby Armas: A Young Latina Representing the Future of Precise Translating LLC

Precise has recently hired Aby Armas, who in December 2023, at 23 years old, has graduated with a Masters in Spanish from UNC Charlotte. With the company incredibly proud and excited about what this young professional has in store for the future of Precise, here is her story and inspirational journey as a Latina.  

Born into a vibrant Mexican household, and raised in North Carolina, she knew from an early age that academics was her superpower.  

Attending a predominantly white school throughout her childhood, her journey became a quest to stand out, a challenge she embraced. In the third grade, being the only Latin student at awards ceremonies, ignited a realization: her heritage held a power that set her apart. With an unwavering spirit, she honed her strengths, recognizing her calling early on. 

As she stood at her graduation ceremony, she felt the hard work and sacrifice she and her parents had given finally paid off. “It is surreal; after dreaming about this moment for so long it is finally here,” she says. She looked at her mother, eyes filled with tears of joy, realizing she had completed an incredible milestone for her career and her family. Graduating from UNC Charlotte was also a farewell to a place that harbored many incredible memories, including her sorority, Omega Phi Beta. 

Omega Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated(OPBSI), is a Greek life organization founded as Latin-oriented women rooted in diversity at UNC Charlotte. OPBSI welcomes women of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The organization has been established on the pillars of raising awareness of violence against and serving and educating through diversity. Full of passionate, career-minded students, Armas would fit right in.  “I never thought of joining Greek life, until I heard about multicultural Greek organizations and was introduced to OPBSI which made me want to join,” she says.  Which in turn, has become a life-changing experience for her. Within the sorority’s embrace, she discovered a connection to her roots, a space where being of Latin heritage was not just accepted but celebrated. Within the sorority, she felt understood, finding a sense of belonging that transcended the dichotomy of being « Latina enough » or « American enough. » She has truly found herself within a community, becoming a core value within her professional life. 

UNC Charlotte was also a place where Aby found her calling. After testing the waters with different studies, Armas was advised to major in Spanish. Knowing Spanish already, Armas had a foundation in the language. However, studying Spanish at a collegiate level significantly amplified her language skills and understanding of her culture. “Terminology strengthened my confidence,” Armas states. Within translation and interpreting, she adds that there is a misconception that speaking the language means one is automatically certified to translate or interpret professionally, but there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. There are nuances and discrepancies within the field you are working in. 

During her studies, she worked at South Meck High School as a bilingual teacher assistant. This increased Armas’ desire to make a tangible impact through translation and interpretation where she could directly assist students navigating a new language and culture. Her experiences showed the profound difference that effective language skills could make in the lives of her community. 

However, a pivotal moment arose when Dr. Rodriguez, Spanish graduate director and professor at UNC Charlotte, introduced Armas to a job opportunity at Precise Translating that diverged from her initial plans. Rather than a role directly within the school system, this position offered her the role of a project coordinator. This opportunity brought a new perspective, presenting a chance to leverage her language skills and understanding of translation in a different capacity.

The uncertainty post-graduation is a common concern for many, but this opportunity presented by Dr. Rodriguez and Precise offered Aby a clear direction and a chance to apply her skills in a different yet impactful way. It showcased the diverse avenues where language proficiency, translation, and interpretation expertise could be utilized, reaffirming her commitment to making a difference in people’s lives through language.

During her interview, Aby instantly clicked with the CEO and founder of Precise Translating, Jenny Chambon. “I loved her vibe and her self-made journey as a Latina and businesswoman,” she states. She was wowed by Precise’s impact on others, where documents become accessible to patients of all backgrounds and languages. “We are making a difference”, Armas proudly says.  

With Aby settled into the full swing of the company, her aspirations for herself and Precise only grew. She says, “We are a company that is continuously growing. I’m gonna be a part of that growth. I’m excited for us to take on more clients, and network around the country and the world! I look forward to getting us to a point where we can revolutionize our company and the impact that Precise will continue to have”.  

With all the accomplishments this young professional has achieved, Aby Armas will be an inspiration to many young multicultural students in her community. Her best advice for them is:  “Because of the way life is, it’s so easy for us to judge based on others’ paths. We all have our own time. My sorority says this quote: We are no better than any other woman. Just the one we were before.” 

As we celebrate Aby Armas as a recent graduate, hire, and a new member of Precise’s family, we as a company are entering the new year with pride and hope for the future.